Case Studies

California Waste Facility

A California Composting Facility Eliminates Odor Complaints and Ends Costly Regulatory Fines.

Iowa Food Processing Facility

An Iowa Food Production Plant Eliminates Wastewater Malodors through Benzaco Fogging Systems & Products.

Pennsylvania Solid Waste Landfill

Benzaco's vapor phase odor control program reduces a landfill's odor complaints & eliminates civil penalty fees.

Ohio Solid Waste Landfill

Ohio Landfill Eliminates Offensive Odors & Cuts Operational Costs With a Benzaco Odor Management Plan.

Wisconsin Pork Producing Facility

Wisconsin Pork Producing Facility Eliminates Odors & Reduces Maintenance Costs.

California Solid Waste Landfill

California Landfill Reduces Odor Control Costs by More Than 80% with Vapor-Phase Systems & Products.

Colorado Cannabis Cultivation

A Commercial Cannabis Growing Facility Stays Operational With a Benzaco Odor-Armor 420 Odor Control Program.

Ohio Municipal Sewage Treatment Facility

A Municipal Sewage Treatment Facility Reduces Odor Control Costs by 33% using Odor-Armor.

Paper Recycling Facility

Paper Mill Facility Meets Operational Acceptance Through Reduced Malodors using Odor-Armor Counteractants.

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