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Vapor-Phase - Waterless Systems

Vapor-Phase - Waterless Systems

Waterless Vapor Odor Control

VAPOR-PHASE systems are used to create sub-micron sized vapor from ODOR-ARMOR® VPS waterless odor control formulations.

The concentrated blend of odor neutralizing compounds is blown as vapor into rooms, air handling systems or through lengths of perforated HDPE welded pipe where it is diffused through equally spaced holes to treat nuisance odors.

Benzaco’s ODOR-ARMOR™ VPS formulations are intended for use with VAPOR-PHASE PSR and Forced Air odor control systems that can be used all year round.

VAPOR-PHASE™ odor control does not require water or nozzles and can be used in cold weather applications.

The ultra small odor control vapor droplets provide increased opportunity for collision with nuisance odor compounds where a series of chemical reactions neutralize odor in the treated air.

Forced Air Linear Diffuser Vapor Systems

Benzaco VAPOR-PHASE forced air modules are built to last using premium weather resistant materials and suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

A patent-pending process is used to produce a uniform and consistent release of VAPOR-PHASE odor control solution as sub-micron vapor droplets.

Systems are available in many sizes with blowers to support 100 to 2000 feet of diffuser pipe.

PLC programming, automated dosing and the use of VAPOR-PHASE waterless formulations ensure uninterrupted treatment for up to several months between service.

They are custom built as stationary platforms, that are available in weather resistant enclosures, and portable trailers.

Vapor-Phase PSR Self-Contained Vapor Systems

Benzaco's VAPOR-PHASE PSR systems are self-contained vapor-generating stations used to deliver a waterless odor counteractant in the form of dry vapor.

They are ideal for use in trash rooms, chutes and the exhaust from structures including greenhouses.

Advantages Include:

  • Treatment introduced when odors exist and exhaust from structures
  • PSR systems can be used independently and with remote vapor stations to expand treatment area
  • Low use rates - uses undiluted Odor-Armor VPS solution
  • Easy to install - self-contained systems mount to wall

All-Weather Application

Each forced air vapor system is custom designed to achieve individual operational objectives and can be equipped with a range of accessories to enhance management and site specific service characteristics.

VAPOR-PHASE applications are ideal in year round environments, locations with water restrictions or where conventional atomizing nozzles may be positioned in areas not easily serviced.

Common Areas of Use Includes:

  • Perimeters
  • Exhaust Stacks
  • Door Curtains
  • Indoor Screens
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