Industries Served

Industry-specific odor control products and systems for local governments and businesses.

Cost-effective and human-safe odor management solutions.

Benzaco products and systems are a preferred choice for municipalities to champions of industry.

Each industry has its own unique odor causing characteristics, site management criteria and require industry-specific solutions to be effective.

Our 30 years as a technology and application pioneer has helped develop a best practice approach for many of our core industries with an emphasis on performance, cost efficiency and reliability.

Asphalt and Paving

Benzaco has long supported asphalt production facilities and asphalt pavement operations crews with effective, easy-to-apply, and instant odor-reducing counteractants. Learn more about how we can help you eliminate odors in your production and application processes.

Cannabis Cultivation

Benzaco is a leader in providing odor control solutions for cannabis cultivation operations in commercial and industrial facilities. Learn more about our delivery systems, and proprietary ODOR-ARMOR 420 that can eliminate the strongest smells of any cannabis plant.

Transfer Stations

Learn about our vapor, atomization & topical odor control solutions for transfer stations. We provide an extensive set of turn-key solutions, tailor made to meet any custom requirement at any location.

Wastewater Treatment

As a provider of odor control solutions for wastewater treatment facilities with decades of experience, Benzaco has a suite of solutions to maximize site-specific efficiency and meet regulatory & operational conditions.

Landfill & Solid Waste

Learn more about how we eliminate fines & complaints at landfill operations through odor management solutions tailor made for the landfill & solid waste industry.

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