Odor Control For Commercial Grow Grooms

Safely Eliminate odors naturally from cannabis growing operations.

Applications for whole property to point source emissions, including greenhouse fan exhaust, and processing room vents.


Benzaco manufactures industrial odor management systems and solutions used by cannabis cultivation facilities to counteract the terpenoids and reduced sulfur compounds in greenhouse exhaust air.

For 30 years we have been a preferred choice for municipalities to champions of industry and were one of the earlier pioneers in developing industry specific products for the cannabis market.

This includes the introduction of ODOR-ARMOR 420 odor management solutions that are available in formats used in automated high pressure fogging or waterless vapor systems.


Our systems are designed to work with greenhouse environmental controls to provide focussed point source applications to whole property platforms bringing together multiple zones and multiple forms of treatment.

We work with operators to selectively pair the right odor management systems with a solution that will maximize site specific performance, operational management and cost efficiency.

Benzaco cannabis cultivation odor management products are used in every State issuing grower permits and have been independently verified for their efficacy.