Odor Control For Solid Waste & Landfills

Eliminate Odors From Landfill Operations

Odors at landfills can develop from many sources and migrate from different locations on the property. Each source and problem can be addressed individually or as a whole with a selection of Benzaco products that are designed to treat the source or treat the air.

Air Treatment

Air treatment systems can employ fixed or portable atomization and vapor delivery platforms for use around the property, working face or around leachate ponds and gas treatment systems.

They are delivered with site specific characteristics to be durable while available with industry leading automation and remote management features to let operators deal with their landfills and not odor complaints.

Topical Treatment

Benzaco topical products are diluted with water and can be used in everyday odor management of roads, scales, and the working face to periodically spot spray nuisance loads.

Most products can be applied with conventionally available spray systems used at landfills, including water trucks, or can be sourced through Benzaco for application delivery systems designed to optimize product efficacy.