Odor Control For Transfer Stations

Eliminate odors in transfer stations.

Transfer stations are most commonly located in high density municipalities where the receiving and handling of decaying garbage can create a host of nuisance operating odors.

Benzaco provides a comprehensive line of air and topical treatment solutions that are tailored to fit each transfer stations unique operating characteristics or challenges.

Air Treatment

The most common approach to mitigating the migration of nuisance odors is the treatment of the air in and around the facilities tipping floor.

This can include the use of high-pressure misting nozzles mounted in the ceiling of the facility to using waterless odor control solutions blown as vapor through perforated HDPE pipe mounted around the facilities doors and other openings.

Both hydraulic misting and waterless linear vapor systems are also used around property perimeters as an effective tool in transfer station odor control management.

Topical Treatment

Benzaco produces a number of topical formulations that are wet sprayed directly onto piles of standing trash, the tipping floor, leachate collection systems, trucks, roads and scales.

The product range includes powerful contact deodorizers, formulations designed to inhibit the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria to products that encourage beneficial non-odor forming bacteria to out compete the odor forming bacteria.