Transfer Stations Odor Control Solutions

Odor Control for Transfer Stations

Transfer stations, which are located in or near industrial zones within city limits, pose a unique challenge for operators to prevent nuisance odors from drifting into nearby commercial and residential neighborhoods, a necessity in order to meet regulations and avoiding fines.

The transfer stations naturally create strong odors from yard waste, such as grass clippings, leaves, food scraps, industrial waste, and other organic materials that can create putrid odors described as smelling like rotting food and milk.

Additionally, transportation vehicles create gaseous exhaust odors that also present a challenge for transfer station managers. In most transfer stations, the tipping area generates the heaviest offending odors.

Transfer stations are monitored by state, tribal, and local environmental agencies under the EPA and OSHA. Odor pollution and abatement are necessary daily requirements, and persistent violations can lead to daily fines and closures in extreme cases.

Solid Waste Odor-Counteractants

Benzaco Scientific created ODOR ARMOR, a concentrated, non-toxic, non-hazardous, multi-component, broad spectrum, biodegradable compound of natural odor neutralizing compounds in use over 25 years nationwide by transfer stations to neutralize and counteract nuisance odors with immediate results that are irreversible.

Unlike masking agents or deodorizers that leave residual odors, ODOR ARMOR eliminates the odors completely.

Transfer stations can apply ODOR ARMOR by atomization, vaporization, or spraying it directly onto the waste surface. ODOR ARMOR reduces the need to have multiple products on-site, thus saving storage and usage costs. It can be diluted with potable water in an atomizer, or used undiluted with a vaporization system to create a vapor cloud, or sprayed directly on trash heaps, the tipping floor, trucks, roads, scales, and the leachate collection systems. A SDS on file is the only document required for storage of Odor-Armor, no special expensive lockers are required. Each individual transfer station operator can dilute ODOR ARMOR to meet their exact requirement.

Benzaco provides a comprehensive line of air dispersal and topical treatment solutions that are tailored to fit each transfer stations unique operating characteristics or challenges.

Air Treatment (Atomization & Vapor-Phase)

The most common approach to mitigating the migration of nuisance odors is the treatment of the air in and around the facilities tipping floor by using atomization and vapor-phase delivery systems.

This can include the use of high-pressure misting nozzles mounted in the ceiling of the facility to using waterless odor control solutions blown as vapor through perforated HDPE pipe mounted around the facilities doors and other openings.

Both hydraulic misting and waterless linear vapor systems are also used around property perimeters as an effective tool in transfer station odor control management.

Topical Treatment

Benzaco produces a number of topical formulations that are wet sprayed directly onto piles of standing trash, the tipping floor, leachate collection systems, trucks, roads and scales.

The product range includes powerful contact deodorizers, formulations designed to inhibit the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria to products that encourage beneficial non-odor forming bacteria to out compete the odor forming bacteria.

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