Wastewater Treatment Odor Control Solutions

Eliminate nuisance odors in wastewater treatment operations

As population density envelopes the wastewater treatment plant, complaints of odor can become more common leading to undesirable opinions in operational capabilities to potential litigation.

Reduced sulfur compounds including hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, and dimethyl sulfide are often the most prevalent and can concentrate in specific stages of the treatment process.

Benzaco works with operators to selectively pair the right delivery system with a solution that will maximize site specific efficiency.

Air Treatment

Air treatment techniques involve the introduction of odor control solutions as droplets in hydraulic misting or waterless vapor into and around the air of a particular source.

Odor treatment can be targeted to reduce a specific type and intensity. This includes the use of a mist or waterless vapor in wet wells, polishing in scrubbers or biofilters, front end works, press rooms, to installations around the perimeter of aeration basins and clarifiers.

Alternatively, these same delivery techniques can be used with automation and sensors around specific parts or the entire property.

Topical Treatment

In cooperation with, or as an alternative to air treatment techniques, topical treatment of an odor causing substrate can be very effective.

The Benzaco group of topical solutions include powerful contact deodorizers, formulations designed to inhibit the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria to products that encourage beneficial non-odor forming bacteria.

These products are diluted with water and sprayed on, or into, waste substrates or onto equipment for immediate results.

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