Benzaco offers a range of industrial odor eliminators that are specifically designed to tackle strong odors in a variety of industries, providing a non-toxic and sustainable solution.

Odor-Armor BEL 200

ODOR-ARMOR® BEL 200 offers natural odor management for landfills, composting, transfer stations, and more. Neutralize odors instantly with long-lasting results.

Odor-Armor BEL 100

ODOR-ARMOR® BEL 100 is a highly concentrated, multi-component blend of odor-neutralizing compounds and naturally occurring microbes for use in liquid-phase applications. Ideal for industrial effluent, such as wastewater & sewage applications.

Odor-Armor OBM

Odor-Armor OBM is an industry-specific odor-counteractant designed to eliminate odors in drilling-fluid applications, learn more.

Odor-Armor Super Concentrate

Odor-Armor Super Concentrate is a highly effective, broad-spectrum odor control product used at landfills, solid waste, wastewater handling, community waste, learn more.

Odor-Armor ASP

Odor-Armor ASP is a counteractant developed specifically for controlling odors in asphalt paving and asphalt production. Our product can be added directly to hot-mixes, terminal storage tanks, and more.

Odor-Armor 420

Odor-Armor 420 is a counteractant developed specifically for controlling smells at all stages in cannabis cultivation and processing, from growing to harvesting, learn more.

How is Odor-Armor Used to Control Odors?

Odor-Armor is an all-natural industrial odor eliminator product that is specifically designed to eliminate a wide range of strong odors commonly faced by industry. Our products work as counteractants, neutralizing the nuisance smell at the source, rather than simply masking it.

With Odor-Armor, you can completely eliminate bad odors in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Our products are not deodorizers or masking agents - they are powerful counteractants that grab onto foul odors and neutralize them instantly.

Our all-natural and biodegradable counteractants are designed for multiple industries and the smells particular to them, allowing for broad-based applications and bringing a tremendous cost-benefit to your odor management solutions.

With our industrial odor eliminator products, you can ensure that your facilities are free from unpleasant and harmful odors.

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