Odor-Armor 420

Odor-Armor 420

Scientifically Developed for Cannabis Smells

Odor Armor 420 eliminates cannabis smells by neutralizing the cannabis odors through chemical reactions that occur upon contact. Molecular gaseous odors are instantly neutralized by a physical action known as counteraction whereby the odor molecule is destroyed upon exposure to the vapor cloud consisting of the vaporized Odor-Armor compounds.

Odor Armor 420 is a proprietary blend developed by our dedicated team of scientists & chemists at our laboratory environment and tested in the field countless times. The product is a broad spectrum formula designed for use at all types cannabis facilities, and at all stages of the growing cycle, from growing to harvesting.

Odor Armor 420 is a completely natural, 100% bio-degradable, and environmentally friendly formulation of consisting multiple essential oil extracts from plants and fruits.

Both vapor-phase and atomization systems are available for this product, talk to our experts to receive consultation on which system suits your location and facility best.

Environmentally Safe Compounds

Cannabis plants produce a very strong pungent odor during the flowering stage of the plant’s growth called terpenes. Terpenes produce an unpleasant odor & is recognized as odor pollution. Cannabis growers face strict pollution odor regulations operating growing facilities within city & county limits. Fines are costly & may lead to closure. To satisfy strict pollution odor regulations, our scientists at Benzaco Scientific have developed Odor Armor 420, an all-natural bio-degradable broad spectrum odor counteractant to meet the toughest regulations growers face today within cities & counties nationwide.

Cannabis farms can rely upon Odor-Armor 420 to eliminate malodors created by “terpenes” instantly at the point of contact with the malodor, and ensure the odor dissolves in the fog of pressurized vapor. The vapor will then evaporate harmlessly into the atmosphere.

Odor-Armor 420 can be diluted by the operator so that lighter or stronger solutions can be mixed & applied. OA420 can be used indoors, or outdoors depending on the grower’s requirements. Our compounds, including Odor-Armor 420, are approved for use in the county of Santa Barbara, California, which has the strictest environmental regulations in all of the United States.

Odor Armor 420 is a counteractant that neutralizes, or eliminates the odor completely. There is no residual odor left behind like deodorizers. There is no “after smell”. Our vaporized natural counteractant neutralizes the odor so that it is no longer there by dissolving the odor through chemical reactions.

Our solution is completely natural, totally harmless to the environment, and eliminates cannabis odors to give growers a solution that is safe for handlers, water-soluble & can be diluted, thus providing a great cost advantage.

Available Packaging

  • 5 Gallon Pail (18.9L) - 45 lbs. (23kg.) Net
  • 55 Gallon Drums (208L) - 520 lbs. (236kg)
  • 275 Gallon Totes - (1035L) 2283 lbs. (1035kg) Net
  • Bulk (Ask your representative for larger deliveries)

Economical Application Rates

Odor Armor 420 is designed to be diluted for each application. Our product not only provides a safe environmental solution to odor control at your facility, but will in fact save you a tremendous amount of money on your facilities budget.

Immediately Eliminate 90% of Smells

Counteractants work by neutralizing odors. The smells don’t come back like that of using masking agents or deodorizers. Odor Armor 420 ELIMINATES & NEUTRALIZES odors instantly.

Evaporates Harmlessly

Odor Armor 420 is all natural, safe & biodegrade and it simply evaporates safely once dispersed.

The Process is Irreversible

Once Odor Armor 420 molecules surround & bind to the “stinky” molecules that create the unpleasant odor, the compound is changed and the odor is eliminated instantly.

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