Industrial Odor Control Products

All-natural organic based chemical extracts used for eliminating strong smells and odors at commercial and industrial facilities, and custom turn-key delivery systems.

Eliminate Nuisance Smells Entirely With Biodegradable Counteractants

Benzaco’s all-natural industrial odor control products eliminate strong odors with compounds designed to act as a counteractant to the nuisance smell, thereby completely removing the smell. Our Odor-Armor products eliminate the malodor at the source. Our products are not deodorizers or masking agents.

Counteractants like Odor-Armor are designed to completely eliminate bad odors naturally by grabbing onto a foul odor and neutralizing the nuisance odor instantly. Our all-natural and biodegradable counteractants are designed for specific industries allowing for broad-based applications designed to bring a tremendous cost-benefit to your odor management solutions.


Delivery Systems

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