Odor Control Solutions

Environmentally friendly odor eliminating compounds.

How Natural Odor Neutralizing Compounds Remove Industrial Odors

Benzaco provides concentrated, multi-component blends of natural odor-neutralizing compounds for a range of industry-specific formulations.

Our products use essential oils, derived from natural plant extracts, in the preparation of their odor control formulations. Essential oils used in the odor control formulations are extracts and distillates of many different fruits, vegetables and other plant material.

There are a very limited number of oils that display a physical or chemical effect on odorous compounds. These properties or functionalities are what make the oil effective at eliminating an odor and the performance is dependent on how well the oils are chosen and blended to derive the correct chemical or physical reaction.


Water Soluble Concentrates


Waterless Solutions

Saturate Odorous Compounds

Direct Injection Treatment Solutions

Encapsulate Odors

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